Register a domain that's easy to type and keep

If you want to increase the amount of SEO and web optimization, register a domain that users can easily type and remember. Make extra letters and numbers. Try to register a domain that is easy to read

Do not register domains that have trademarks

You will probably be faced with legal problems. Before registering for a domain, check if your domain name includes commercial name? For example, you can see United States trademarks on this site.

have a domain name associated with the field of website activity

The relevance of the domain name to the field of website activity makes search engine robots and website visitors more easily identify the field of web activity, and the use of these types of domains leads to the trust of the client and the search engines, and Undoubtedly, your success will be significant.

Do not use numbers or dashes in the domain.

Do not use numbers in your domain name. Because when users hear the name of your website they do not know that you used the number in the domain name. Using a dash in the domain can make you known as spam to the search engine